Looking beyond the non

For decades, the American doer has been cheap jerseys doing less than he or she can do because of non doers, those people who do little but take, block, and protest the resources and work that doers need to do.

However, we do see a new tide coming, a tide which will undo the political doings advanced by the non doers. It seems the non doers face their undoing.

All one must do is look to the soon to be done Dakota Access Pipeline. Now, the non doers did plenty, but they didn do the kinds of things we do best. They didn protect the land, keep the peace, or display respect, but they did do plenty to create chaos in a state where the doers still do hold the majority. Their stint in North Dakota left our doers in law enforcement and civic leaders with little to do but deal with them, the non doers. Their protest did nothing but waste the time, energy, and monies of the doers of North Dakota, thereby restraining the doers to do less.

But today is a new day for doers. New leadership is full of doers and they are ready to do what it takes to prevent the doings of the non doers and get us doers back to doing.

Celebrate this victory for the doers. In not long, the pipeline will do what it is to do, getting many of our best doers doing more drilling, pumping, and moving of oil so that cheap energy and a strong economy gets the http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ rest of us doers to work doing the things we do.

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