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The other shows remarkable sculptural

pieces based on the electrolytic process. Metal plates suspended in tanks of salt solutions engender «miniature landscapes», at an imperceptible but cumulatively dramatic rate. McDonald has previously exhibited related work in the form of plates, that is, end points of process, but the tanks with their strange, dynamic, self generating worlds, are a new and […]

should you offer to buy the opening round?

This is not the no brainer it might appear. In a purely social situation, where you actually like spending time with the people and can reasonably be expected to see them again, it is quite obvious that you should get the drinks in early doors. Reciprocity, karma even, will see that pint of strong continental […]

Fitness watches enable you to multitask

by recording your workout time, measuring your heart rate, creating customized training programs and keeping all of this data in one location. A fitness watch is a portable, compact timekeeper that offers extras, such as calorie counters, for exercise enthusiasts, minimizing the need for extra gadgets. You can wear it on the road for a […]

Chief has never seen eye to eye with the mayor

The mayor supported the chief through his tough times and the chief contract is coming up in August, if he going to get renewed or not, and it unfortunate. Also made conflict of interest allegations regarding Toronto Police Service Board member Andy Pringle, who Ford claimed went with Blair «on a personal fishing trip.». E. […]

Maguire said it is slated for completion

The new water meters can be read by remote radio frequency in vehicles equipped with transmission/reception capabilities. «Now we don’t have to hop over fences. We identified 89 spots, which represented 73 induced and one repressed genes (with a false discovery rate of 1), that showed significantly altered expression in both the GATA3 WT and […]